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Heart Beat, Two Feet? Everyone has Inner Rhythm.

Improve your rhythm and independence with drum lessons by Justin Veri

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Prices may vary if students want a combination of services found below 


Drum Lessons

Taking Drum lessons with Justin will provide a complete music experience around everything percussion. Justin's expertise is on the drum kit and he can teach from beginner to advance drums. Any age, any style, any skill level. A fully immersed experience.


Thoery Lessons

Theory is the way we communicate with music. A tool to make learning instruments easier. Justin is proficient in melody and harmony and can teach all levels. This type of lesson can help solve issues with current theory problems, beginners, and composition/arranging  


Introductory to Piano

Piano is a visual way to see the organization of music notes. In other words, it is a great foundation before exploring other instruments. If you're looking to get involved with music, this is a great start. Taking this lesson will allow you to navigate the piano and use it to help in other aspects of music. Justin can teach beginner to intermediate piano. 

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Justin offers in person as well as zoom lessons, from 430pm to 930pm on weekdays
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